Study Abroad Opportunities in Costa Rica

Ever thought of studying abroad in a warm, tropical paradise like Costa Rica? There are numerous benefits for doing so:

  • not very far from the USA, so airfare is cheaper
  • it’s warm all year round, so it’s a great escape from the New England winter
  • Costa Rica is a natural wonderland, one of the top tourist hot-spots for seeing rain forests, volcanos, tropical beaches, coral reefs, etc.
  • the Costa Ricans (locally called “ticos”) are very friendly
  • it is a safe environment, politically stable, with great healthcare

There are two ways to plan your study abroad in Costa Rica:

  1. Through a course offered through Quinnipiac University (see below)
  2. Through a course or internship offered through Earth University (see below)

Option 1: A course offered through Quinnipiac University

A newly-developed, faculty-led course available starting Spring, 2019, is CAS 420 – Working with Mother Earth: Sustainability in Costa Rica. If you are looking to fulfill your Capstone Requirement AND Study Abroad, this course accomplishes both! You will travel to Costa Rica in mid-January for two weeks to take a hands-on mini-course at Earth University, meet with Earth University students who come from all over the world, and learn how Costa Rica is approaching sustainability in an interdisciplinary way. During the Spring semester, you will have brief, weekly meeting to reflect on your Costa Rican experience and your QU education.

Here’s a great video, from students who have studied at Earth University, why they valued their experience:


Option 2: A course or internship offered directly through Earth University

Don’t have time or the need to fit CAS 420 into your QU course schedule, but still want to study abroad in Costa Rica? Through Quinnipiac’s partnership with Earth University, you have multiple options, courses, time-frames in which to do so.

Check out the full description of the options for studying at Earth University. Make sure you watch the videos of the students’ experiences and testimonials.

By Allan Smits
Allan Smits Allan Smits