Sabrina Alexis Acosta, Criminal Justice and Sociology, Class of 2020

Why Did You Choose to Study in Your Major?

Since I was in second grade I told myself I wanted to be a lawyer. I thought helping people meant you kept them out of trouble. Little did I know that life is more than preventing issues, but sometimes it is about helping to correct them. I came into Quinnipiac wanting to be a psychologist and quickly changed my major to criminal justice before I began orientation. I felt confident in that switch as I sat in my first class blown away with the information I had learned on day one. The professors pushed back and had conversations that were not only complex but intriguing. It made me want to ask questions and push myself out of the box by being creative. As I began to come to the end of my freshman year I realized I wanted to take on a bigger challenge. I became a double major. At Quinnipiac both majors line up nicely. It has not been stressful or overwhelming to maintain the two majors. At times things get hard, but when you are passionate about your field of study, and the environment helps guide you to grow in and out of the classroom, it does not feel like work. You become excited to write about that topic you talked about in class. You feel proud of yourself when you get through a rough week of papers and exams, because you know you did well and this is what you want to do for the rest of your life. It matters!


What Do You Do on Campus as an Undergrad?

I am involved in many things. Although a double major is intense, you can still make time to do the things you love on the side. I became an Orientation Leader for my school and have inspired many young women and men to go further their education at Quinnipiac. I have pushed students to see their potential and rise to challenges they did not even know they could accomplish. Not only did I join the orientation program, I became a peer catalyst in the freshman classroom. I have taught students to think creatively and not just find the answers they think I want to hear, but rather answers they want me to hear. I have become a strong leader at my school and have stood up at times for change. Being a minority student on campus I strive to educate my peers on the cultures in the world that surround them and to empower others to embrace where they come from no matter what background it may be. This school has become my community and without it teaching me how to use my voice, we would not see the potential we have to better ourselves.


What Profession Do You Want to Join?

After finishing my degrees at Quinnipiac in my undergraduate years, I plan to work in the prison reform system. It was not until coming to Quinnipiac that I found my passion of working with re-entry. I came across guest speakers and real life stories about those coming out the other side and making a better life for themselves. I want to help those trying to better their lives to achieve their goals. No matter what, I have always believed people deserve a chance to prove themselves. This field is going to give me the opportunity to prove to local communities that we can change and if we come together to make it happen, our community will become stronger.


One Thing You Wish You Knew As A First Year Student?

I wish I would have known that if you want change, you have to speak up. I was timid and did not feel comfortable asking for change. Quinnipiac showed me just how easy it is to make something happen if you want it badly enough. Speaking out only shows the rest of the world how strong you are. There is nothing wrong with confidence and being ready to take on a challenge if you put your mind to it. We have a voice for a reason and Quinnipiac showed me how to use mine.

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