Federal Public Defenders Internship

I am currently interning at the Federal Public Defenders Office located on Church Street in New Haven, CT. I am finding this to be a great learning experience and am really enjoying being an intern! To date the most interesting thing I’ve done so far is attend the New Haven Correctional Center to visit an incarcerated client. I found this to be a great learning experience because I totally got to see the prison and the client in a different perspective and with a different mindset after talking to him. Something unexpected that I have experienced so far is that I was able to actually get a whole new perspective with this internship and no longer only see a client as a “criminal” but instead an actual person with a huge life story that plays a role. I believe through this internship I have learned how to be more compassionate and willing to see people in a different light. I believe that so far all of the courses pertaining to the criminal justice system have played a role in this internship and a lot of the legal studies classes that I have taken for my minor also help me understand my internship better for when I attend court for a trial or a hearing or simply to just understand the legal system better. I would absolutely recommend this experience to another student as it has helped further my learning experience and to ultimately make me into a better, more caring person.

By Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas