Bringing Food Security to Campus

I am currently interning at the Albert Schweitzer Institute as their Food Systems and Sustainability intern. For this internship, I balance community meetings with the Hamden Food Security Task Force with spearheading on campus initiatives to increase access to healthy food in the Greater New Haven area.

So far, the best project I’ve had the opportunity to work on is a project called Food Rescue QU. Through this we’ve been able to donate extra food from the Quinnipiac dining hall to local community organizations. We have partnered with Solar Youth, the Keefe Center, and Victory Garden to deliver food to areas in need. For this, I have learned to organize and plan with outside organizations for a common. The process surprised me in how willing people have been to participate with this process, and how after one connection is made, many seem to follow seamlessly.

In my time at Quinnipiac, my sociology classes have prepared me incredibly well for this position. Social stratification showed me how various levels of society may experience economic hardships, while anthropology food for thought helped me understand the way in which society forms its ideologies surrounding food culture.

I would recommend this experience to other students because it is a hands on way to get experience in the field of community action. This position has given me a great amount of leeway in choosing what I am passionate about to work on.


By Erin LeDrew
Erin LeDrew