Criminal Justice Internship

My name is Kaitlyn Charton and I am a Junior at Quinnipiac University. I am currently interning at the Federal Public Defenders office in New Haven, CT. Growing up I never imagined myself working for the defending side of the criminal justice system, but this experience has completely changed my perspective of the criminal justice system as a whole. As an intern, I work directly with a mitigation specialist who tries to get favorable sentences for her clients. We go to different institutions to meet with clients and interview them about their lives, which we will later use to write a social history of the client’s life to be used in court. I have learned many things in this internship from going to court, interviews, and being in an office with mitigation specialists and attorneys. This office wants interns to be as involved as possible as wants your input as often as possible. Classes at Quinnipiac such as, Prisons and Jails, CJ 101, and the Inside Out Prison Program have prepared me for this experience more than I had previously realized. The lessons and skills that I have acquired from Quinnipiac are what have made me be able to excel at this internship. I strongly recommend this experience to other students no matter what they are planning to do in the future. This internship gives a very unique insight to the justice system that could not be found elsewhere.

By Kaitlyn Charton
Kaitlyn Charton