Mock Trial

Mock Trial program

Are you interested in presenting cases, acting as an attorney, or acting as a witness in a criminal or civil trial?  Mock Trial is the place to be!

Mock Trial is an exciting and interesting opportunity for all students.  Our Mock Trial team has a new trial pattern each fall, as part of the American Mock Trial Association. The trials vary between criminal and civil cases.   Students are coached by Professor James Cresswell on how to analyze and  present a case, make objections, prepare testimony,  deliver an opening and closing statement, and learn evidentiary rules and trial procedure.  Students learn how to present a case professionally in a courtroom.   Experienced students work with newcomers to present the best team available. The team represents Quinnipiac University at local and regional tournaments, at places such as Yale University, the U.S.  Coast Guard Academy,  UMass Amherst, and  American University. The team has hosted its own invitational tournament each year at the Quinnipiac Law School, inviting teams in the region for an exciting two days of competition.

Student of different majors all work together as part of the Mock Trial team.  6-10 students are on a team, and Quinnipiac often sends two teams to a competition. Students are asked to prepare the current trial case from the perspective of both the prosecution and the defense.  They are trained to play different roles, including trial attorneys, pretrial motion attorneys, and witnesses.  Mock Trial students have received significant national recognition including Top Performance Awards at the Yale University Invitational, the United States Coast Guard Academy, and many, many others.  This year our team went to the AMTA Regional Tournament!

The Legal Studies Department also offers LE 160 Competitive Mock Trial every fall semester, and students can earn up to 3 credits over three years on the team.  If you are interested in Mock Trial, but don’t want to be on the team yet, you can take Le 150 Introduction to Mock Trial in the spring semester.  This will teach you the skills you need for the Mock Trial team.

For more information about the Mock Trial team, contact Professor Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox or Professor James Cresswell

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