Gabrielle White, Sociology, Class of 2020

Why did you pick this major?

When I first came to Quinnipiac and was told that I should take Sociology 101, I had no idea what it was and I had no interest in taking it. In high school, all I ever heard about was Psychology, I never knew there was a thing called “Sociology”! During my first Sociology class here, I instantly knew that there was something special about this subject. I loved the idea of learning about how and why our society functions the way it does, but also learning about my role in society and what impact I have piqued an interest. I am glad that I came into Quinnipiac undeclared because it allowed me to explore different opportunities and see what worked best for me. It took me a while to get there, but I finally realized that declaring my major in Sociology was the right fit for me. I love the professors, there is a wide variety of classes, and the students in the program are great. I cannot imagine being a part of any other program here at Quinnipiac.

Do you have a professional field in mind?

In the beginning of this semester, I had somewhat of a crisis and realized I wanted to change career paths. I was originally a part of the MAT program for Elementary Education as well as taking my Sociology courses. Over time, I discovered that I did not want to teach, but I still wanted to pursue my Bachelors in Sociology. Honestly, I was so set on getting my Masters in Elementary Education, that I truly had no idea what I could do with my Bachelors in Sociology.

When it comes to Sociology, people do not understand how much you can actually put it to use. With Sociology, we are studying the society we are a part of, as well as the function of individuals. The fact that we are studying how people are functioning in society opens doors for so many opportunities because a majority of occupations include working with people. I really enjoy working and communicating with others and see myself working in an office setting. I began to look more into Human Resources and learned that for this profession you have to be really good at working with people. Sociology has taught me how the society around me functions and I can use all of my knowledge and put it use with my Management classes.

What advice would I give to those considering my major at Quinnipiac?

Take risks! That would be my biggest advice to those who are considering this major. In the beginning, I dreaded the idea of taking a class that I knew nothing about. If I hadn’t taken Sociology 101 my freshman year, would I be here now? I advise students to never settle. If you are feeling bored and picture yourself doing something else, take that risk! Make sure to be involved as well. I have made so many great friends and connections with professors because of my time in this department. Not only do I enjoy my major, but it has helped me grow in so many ways I never imagined.

By Gabrielle White
Gabrielle White