The Six Skills You Need For The Future Of Work And How Employers Will Know If You Have Them

The preparation you receive while studying in the College of Arts and Sciences is a great jump start to developing the human-centered skills you will need to succeed in the future workplace as artificial intelligence and other technological advances change the way we work and live. Our focus on interdisciplinary thinking, experiential learning, and thoughtful academic and career advising will put you in a position to develop and test these skills and tell your story to the world.

As noted in this recent article on Forbes, “If you have a child about to embark on college, right now is probably one of the most difficult times to choose a major or career path. Also, due to advances in technology, everything we know can rapidly change in a day. We don’t know what tomorrow may look like as we move into this new decade.”

The skills coming into favor are more difficult to measure and assess in an interview. See what skills employers think will be most valuable for the future and how they plan to test your ability in an interview.


Linked from, published 11/10/2019

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