Governor’s Innovation Fellowship – STEM seniors!

A new initiative created to place the most promising graduates of Connecticut colleges and universities in growth positions inside some of the most dynamic and innovative companies in Connecticut.

The goal: Prepare Connecticut’s next generation of business leaders and inspire them to stay and lead in Connecticut.

The Governor’s Innovation Fellowship (GIF) not only offers ambitious, high-achieving young professionals the opportunity to work in challenging positions with top companies; it also places them in a group of Fellows working together to build their community’s innovation ecosystem, participating in shared professional development events and programs, and getting involved with local business and non-profit initiatives. In recognition of their commitment, those who achieve positions as Fellows will receive a $5,000 honorarium.

Connecticut companies participating as Fellowship Partners will have access to some of the highest caliber students in the country – young men and women who have demonstrated professional and academic excellence in Business, Economics, STEM and STEM-adjacent specialties. It’s a very broad category, quite intentionally. It can include data analytics, marketing technology, engineering, computer programming, software development positions, as examples. If the position is related or uses technology, we will consider it for the fellowship. Preference will be given to STEM-related positions.

Interested CAS Seniors (Class of 2020) in Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Game Design, Economics, and Mathematics should learn more and apply here! 


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