Quinnipiac Takes Actions on Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions (as of 3/11/2020)

Quinnipiac Takes Actions on Coronavirus: Frequently Asked Questions


Moving classes online

  1. Why is the university moving classes online?

The university continues to manage rapidly changing developments associated with the coronavirus with a focus on the health and well-being of our students, faculty and staff, and supporting students’ academic completion of the Spring 2020 semester. Eliminating in-person classroom instruction is an important step we can take to minimize potential pathways for community spread of COVID-19 within our QU community.To that end, we will begin online delivery of classes on Wednesday, March 18 and classes will be administered online for the remainder of the spring semester.


  1. If we’re moving classes online to reduce person-to-person contact, why are we allowing students to return to campus?

Moving to online delivery and eliminating in-person classroom instruction is an important step to reduce potential pathways for community spread of COVID-19 within our university community. It also provides students and families flexibility and choice based on their individual circumstances and preferences about how to complete the academic year.  For students, faculty and staff on campus, we are eliminating large gatherings and events with 100 or more participants, and reinforcing with all members of the Quinnipiac community the importance of practicing the highest levels of preventive health, personal hygiene and social distancing.  We are in uncharted territory and while there is no single industry best practice, the plan adopted by QU has been advised by a university-wide task force that includes medical experts and emergency planning personnel who are considering the best balance of medical prevention and business/educational continuity.  Of course, the plan will continue to evolve and change as we track unfolding developments and the most current health reports.


  1. How long will classes remain online? If I return to campus on March 22, will I have the option to take my classes in person?

Classes will remain online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. If students return to campus on Sunday, March 22, they will continue to complete their coursework online for the remainder of the spring semester.


  1. Will I be able to participate in any student or campus activities on campus if I return on March 22?

Yes, students will be able to participate in extracurricular activites like student government, clubs, club sports, or team projects. However, we are eliminating large gatherings and events with 100 or more participants through April 1, and reinforcing with all members of the Quinnipiac community the importance of practicing the highest levels of preventive health, personal hygiene and social distancing when gathering with others.


  1. How will I complete lab or clinical work or student teaching online?

Our School of Health Sciences and School of Nursing will allow our students to continue with clinicals and field work as long as the clinical agencies/hospitals/sites will continue to support our students. Program leadership will manage this according to their accrediting body, professional requirements and state regulations. We will be evaluating this on a daily basis. Students must contact their department chair, program director or dean’s office for specific instructions. In the event that you are not able to continue with clinical practica experiences, your program leaders will work with you to personalize a plan. Laboratory experiences will be managed individually be each program. We are committed to helping students through this transitional time as we seek to ensure that your clinical experiences meet requisite criteria.


  1. Now that my classes have been moved online, how do I “attend” class?  

Your faculty members will contact you in the coming days with information on how classes will be structured. Online classes will begin March 18.

Our Blackboard Learning Management system will be used for most classes, assignments, course materials, requirements for tests/exams, and student-faculty collaboration. Students should be logging into their Blackboard courses and viewing their respective courses for the most updated faculty directives and course related materials.

Faculty may also choose to hold class at their regularly scheduled time using Zoom, Quinnipiac’s Web Conferencing tool. The course delivery mechanism will be determined by each individual faculty, based upon their requirements.


  1. I have never taken an online course before. Who will help me transition?

Students will receive additional information from Quinnipiac’s Information Servivces team by March 16 at the latest with instructions on how to move to online classes. Faculty will be using four core platforms to deliver coursework online: Blackboard, Zoom, Techsmith and Office 365. You can learn more about those technologies on myQ.  If you have questions, please contact Lauren Erardi, Director of Academic Technology, lauren.erardi@qu.edu, or Fred Tarca, VP and Chief Information and Technology Officer, fred.tarca@qu.edu


  1. I didn’t bring my textbooks or laptop home with me on spring break. How can I get them to be prepared for the first day of online classes on March 18?

Please contact Mark DeVilbiss, director of residential life, to make an appointment to pick up your personal items – mark.devilbiss@qu.edu


  1. I have accommodations to support my learning and now that we are moving to online classes, I need help. Where should I go?

Please contact the Office of Student Accessibility – access@qu.edu

Residence halls and campus operations

  1. Are there any cases of COVID-19 on Quinnipiac’s campuses?

At this time, no individuals at Quinnipiace have tested positive for the coronavirus, nor do we know of anyone who has been quarantined.


  1. What happens if a student is diagnosed with COVID-19 while on campus?

Student Health Services has protocols in place to test, quarantine, treat or hospitalize individuals, as appropriate, that are consistent with CDC guidelines and state health agencies. We are coordinating directly with the state Department of Public Health on testing and quarantine measures for any individual who tests positive for COVID-19.


  1. Has Quinnipiac been reaching out to students, faculty and staff returning from affected areas? If so, what is the university telling them?

We are requiring students, faculty and staff who have traveled to a destination under a CDC Level 3 travel alert to self-isolate at home for 14 days. We are also asking any individual who feels ill to refrain from returning to campus until they are feeling better, out of an abundance of caution and to protect the well-being of others in the university community.


  1. Will university offices on each campus, such as the libraries and Learning Commons, be open?

University offices will be open when students return to campus to support their academic needs. While we cannot determine at this time whether there may be modifications in operating hours of certain services after students return March 22, we are committed to supporting our student’s academic needs.


  1. Is Facilities doing any extra cleaning around campus especially in the residence halls and other common areas?

Our Facilities Department has enhanced the daily cleanings of campus spaces it was already conducting. We have hand sanitizer stations around all three campuses and are cleaning and wiping down common areas and surfaces throughout our campus buildings and residence halls, including doorknobs and counter tops. Please keep in mind that frequently washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water is the most effective measure you can take.


  1. Is the university suspending travel outside of the United States by faculty, staff and students?

We are suspending all university-sponsored travel for the remainder of the semester beginning March 15, including organized trips and individual travel for research and conferences.  For trips already booked, we are asking faculty and staff to please contact the airline carrier/hotel for refunds, and/or work with staff to revise the travel plans.  Exceptions will be approved by the relevant dean or division head.

Athletics travel will continue to be allowed for intercollegiate and club spring sports programs. We are coordinating closely with the schools we are competing against, and we will monitor for any state-directed travel restrictions.  There is the possibility some athletic events may be held without fans.


  1. If I need to pick up something inside my residence hall before March 22, will I be allowed to do so?

Please contact Mark DeVilbiss, director of residential life – mark.devilbiss@qu.edu


Campus events

  1. Are there any specific guidelines for canceling or postponing university events and activities?

We are eliminating large gatherings and events with 100 or more participants through April 1, and reinforcing with all members of the Quinnipiac community the importance of practicing the highest levels of preventive health, personal hygiene and social distancing when gathering with others.  Please check Quinnipiac’s COVID-19 webpage, for current event information.


  1. Will there be changes to Quinnipiac’s commencement ceremomies?

At this time, Quinnipiac is not making any changes to the university’s Commencement. We recognize that families of international students in the Class of 2020 may not be able to travel to Hamden, Connecticut to witness the ceremony personally, and we know this will disappoint many students and their families. For several years, Quinnipiac has livestreamed our Commencement ceremonies from our website. This arrangement will continue, thereby allowing viewers from all over the world to watch QU’s commencements, remotely. In addition, university officials are considering additional translation capabilities due to a potential increase in international viewers. Students who are seniors and their families are encouraged to check our Commencement website for the latest information.

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