Bailey House, criminal justice major seeking opportunities in victim advocacy

Seeking opportunities in victim advocacy in New Hampshire or Massachusetts

Hello, My name is Bailey House. I am a graduate from Quinnipiac in the class of 2020. As you all know, this time is a little bit odd. I’m a Criminal Justice Major and my main passion is being able to help people. I want to start my career in the criminal justice system working to help improve the system. My main goal is to be able to work closely with victims of crimes. Whether it is helping with trauma, or helping them through the legal system, that is what i’m interested in doing. During my time at Quinnipiac I was lucky enough to spend a semester at The Umbrella Center for Victims of Domestic Violence Services. I spent my time helping victims find long term housing, counseling, and emergency shelter for them and their families during crisis. I also interned at the New Haven Court in the family violence advocates office. During that time I sat in during the arraignment process as a victims advocate so that I could advocate for the victims and keep them safe. I also have spent the past six years working at a local Walgreens. I recently have been promoted to a Shift Lead there. My position requires me to look after the store, handle money, work closely with customers, and open and close the store. Having a leadership position has taught me so much and I am extremely glad that I am able to have this position. All of these positions i’ve held have taught me empathy, patience, customer service skills, organization skills, leadership skills, and time management. I am looking for a long term position being able to work in the criminal justice system. I am in the New Hampshire and Massachusetts area and am extremely passionate in my field. I want to be able to grow within a company and build my skills to the best of my ability. I look forward to hearing from any companies and if there are any questions feel free to reach out to me!

B.A. in Criminal Justice

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By Bailey House
Bailey House Graduating senior seeking employment