Q-Flex FAQ’s


How do I know if my course is on-ground or online? 

On-ground courses list Mt. Carmel in Self-Service. Online courses list WEB.  


What is the difference between a synchronous course and an asynchronous course? 

Courses that list WEB as the location and list day and times are synchronous meaning that students will meet at the days and times listed. There are a small number of WEB courses that don’t display days and times and these are asynchronous. These courses don’t have assigned meeting times but individual instructors may orchestrate synchronous events or activities for the course.  



How will classes meet on-ground and still ensure social distancing? 

All classrooms have been assessed to determine the number of students who can safely attend any one session. Most classrooms and labs hold roughly 33% of their former occupancy. In each room, there are markings that indicate where students should sit to ensure social distancing. 


How many times will students be able to attend on-ground classes in the physical classroom? 

This depends on the size of the class and the size of the classroom. Because of the need for social distancing classrooms have reduced capacity. For each section, there will be a rotational scheme meaning that some students will be assigned to specific days or dates and they will physically attend. On other days or dates, they will attend via Zoom. For example, a MWF course that meets at 9 AM might have 1/3 of the students attending in the physical classroom on Mondays, 1/3 on Wednesdays, and 1/3 on Fridays.  


How will students know when they are supposed to attend class in-person versus via Zoom? 

Starting in the middle of August, students will be assigned to specific days or dates. This work will be complete before September 7. 


How do students change sections? 

This process is unchanged. As of July 27, QU is in open registration meaning that students can add and drop courses on their own in Self-Service. Students should consult with the academic advisor before making schedule changes.  


Where can students go if they are confused or have questions about Q-Flex? 

Students should email casdeans@quinnpiac.edu with a detailed statement of their question or problem.  

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