Why Indeed’s New Resume Service Is A Bad Deal For You (even the free part)!

If you have looked for jobs or internships using Indeed in the past, you might have seen a recent announcement that they are now offering three different levels of resume review and improvement services. Here’s what they are now offering:

“To help you create a resume that reflects everything you have to offer, Indeed is now offering three services:

  • Instant Resume Report (Free)
  • Resume Review (video format) by a professional resume writer ($19)
  • Resume Rewrite by a professional resume writer ($89)”

I like Indeed, these rates are reasonable, and these services can be valuable for those with no other options. Nevertheless, you as a student in CAS shouldn’t spend money on this…because you are already paying for it in your QU tuition!

The Instant Resume Report is a quick analysis (done by machine) of areas for improvement in your resume. While this is helpful, this is exactly the quick review we offer you in the CAS Advising Commons on demand, any time you visit (and with a real human who can help you understand the suggestions quickly). You can also get a good feel for this on your own by reviewing all our resume writing resources on CAS360 and checking your resume draft against our checklist (all of which were created by a Certified Professional Resume Writer following current standards).

The second option, a 10 minute review of your resume sent as a video, is a non-interactive version of the type of extended review you would get in the CAS Advising Commons at any time (without having to wait for 2-5 business days, as you would with Indeed–AND with the ability to ask clarifying questions as you go!). We will meet with you for up to 15 minutes (or longer if no one else is waiting).

The third option is a more customized review of your resume based on answering a questionnaire. This is a common method of engaging with low-cost professional resume writers and, as a professional resume writer, I have always felt this method was a huge disservice to the job candidate. The BEST resumes are written when the student writes the resume in their own words following the guidance of a professional. A good resume coach can talk with you in person about your background and experiences and help you bring out the best possible representation of you for the specific job you want in a way that will impress employers and that will also sound true to you! Your resume needs to be YOUR resume, not something you ship out to someone else to create. YOU need to sit in an interview with an employer and defend what is on that page, which means you need to know it backwards and forwards and truly understand how the way you are representing yourself on paper will translate to the story you tell in person as you sit in an interview. CAS students who still require this level of help after using our online resources in consultation with our CAS Advising Commons staff have access to this level of assistance by meeting with me. I’m a Certified Professional Resume Writer who has worked on the recruiting side and the career center side of these conversations and I have been helping students create winning resumes for more than 15 years. After you meet with our CAS Advising Commons staff to get the basics in order, they can connect you with me for additional help.

The absolute BEST thing you can do to prepare a winning resume is to use all the tools and resources we have available for you–FREE–to tell your story. Get started by checking out our online resources and dropping in to our virtual CAS Advising Commons!

By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development Rick DelVecchio