Alexandra D’Orsi, Sociology Class of 2018, MAT Class of 2019

In 2014 I came into Quinnipiac University as an English/MAT major, thinking that my passion for English and what it would teach me would be invaluable for my future as a teacher. However, after just one semester, I realized that I wasn’t content.

As a future teacher, I wanted to pair my career with a major that would arm me with the knowledge I need to help change lives. I immediately began exploring the multitude of majors that Quinnipiac had to offer, and instantly became hooked on sociology. Each course had a description that was engaging, relevant to the world, and relatable to teaching. I realized that sociology was the only choice. Prior to the start of second semester, I made the official switch to sociology, and never looked back.

As an education major, each sociology course taught me invaluable information that no other major could offer. Every sociology course effortlessly showed me what it takes to be an effective and meaningful teacher, not only through the content that I learned, but also through the professors who taught it. Each professor within the department made it a point to personally get to know and create positive rapport with each student. I don’t think any other undergraduate major pairs as well with the graduate MAT program to prepare students to change lives like the sociology department.

By Anna Brogan
Anna Brogan Director of Client Success