Hannah Wolfson, Sociology, Class of 2017

I came into Quinnipiac as Undecided and started taking a variety of classes. Once I came across Sociology, I immediately became hooked. The unique course topics and internship opportunities fit my needs and interests perfectly. I had the ability to intern with a School Social Worker and work independently with students who have academic, social, and emotional difficulties.

My Sociology degree has prepared me to work with diverse populations and has inspired me to gain experience in the human service field. I have recently obtained a job at South Shore Mental Health as a Therapeutic Mentor and in Therapeutic Training and Support Staff, where I will be assisting with in-home family therapy.

I have the QU Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Anthropology to thank for my increase in knowledge, development of interpersonal skills, and hands on field experience. Quinnipiac has truly provided me with the opportunities that have led me to where I am today.

By Anna Brogan
Anna Brogan Manager of Client Onboarding