QUIP-RS 2018

The Quinnipiac University Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship (QUIP-RS) program offers Quinnipiac undergraduates the opportunity to conduct funded research with mentors over an 8-week period from May – July, 2018. As an interdisciplinary program, QUIP-RS is open to undergraduates from all disciplines from Quinnipiac, from STEM to business and humanities. This year, sixteen students, representing five different schools (College of Arts & Sciences, School of Health Sciences, School of Engineering, School of Communication, and School of Nursing) were awarded fellowships to work on research projects from May 21, 2018 to July 12, 2018. Projects that students completed this summer included: study the diabetes drug metformin in the model organism C. elegans, development of an Election Guide for the 2018 Midterm eletions, analysis of pollutants in the Quinnipiac river, studies on bioswales in New Haven, comparison of best practices for Geriatric medical assessment and the effects of social isolation in Assisted living facilities, among others. A full list of projects is included below. During the program, students presented their progress to the full group as well as participated in social events such as rock climbing, barbecues, outdoor sports and career panels.

The goal of QUIP-RS is two-fold, to develop the scholarly, inquiry-based skills of our students, and to do so in an appreciation of interdisciplinary research.

For more information about the QUIP-RS program, including how to APPLY and for EXAMPLES OF STUDENT RESEARCH FROM PREVIOUS SYMPOSIA, click here

QUIP-RS 2018 Projects:

Students Major Mentors Project Title
Kyle Sharron Biomedical Sciences Courtney McGinnis Assessment of Pollutants in the Quinnipiac River
Briana Wyman Biology Craig Magie Cell Adhesion and Gastrulation in Nematostella
Matt Vacco Civil Engineering Kimberly DiGiovanni & John Greenleaf & Angel Perez Optimization of Bioswale Performance
Christina Popik Graphic & Interactive Design Courtney Marchese Information Design for a Guide to the 2018 Midterms Election
Julia Kowal Occupational Therapy Nicole Fidanza & Salvador Bondoc Social isolation in Older Adults in Assisted Living
Caroline Gottlieb Media Studies Ewa Callahan Role playing games and transcreation
Kipp Hopper Biomedical Sciences Alex de Lencastre The Effects of Metformin on miR-71 Expression, Longevity and Stress Resistance in C. elegans
Rachel Montesano Nursing Sheila Molony Best Practices for Examination of 2 Populations: Pediatrics & Geriatrics
Kirsten Guerette Biomedical Sciences Jeff Mital Optimal ration of TSA:Zobell Marine Agar for Minimal Bacterial Death
Samantha Jordan Biology Craig Magie The Effect of GTPase Inhibitor EHOP-16 on Rac function in Nemostella vectensis

Jacqueline Schurick

Tyler Zarin


Behavioral Neuroscience

Adrienne Betz The Effects of Oral Minocycline on Early Life Stress and Chronic Stress
Natasha Shah Chemistry James Kirby Cation Effect on Redox Properties of Europium Bridged Polytungstate
Joe Wojitasik Biology Courtney McGinnis Identification, Characterization and Assessment of Industrial Pollutants in Water and on Indigenous Fish Populations

Charles Zhu

Joseph Quick

Software Engineering

Behavioral Neuroscience

Christian Duncan Thought Controlled Drawing

QUIP-RS 2018 – Group discussions and research updates


Presentations and products from QUIP-RS 2018:

Kipp Hopper presents his QUIP-RS research at Undergraduate Research Conference at Harvard University (January 2019)

Christina Popik’s Midterm Election Guide.

Download: https://cas360.qu.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/36/2020/04/8.1.18_2018-Midterm-Election-Guide_FINAL.pdf

QUIP-RS 2018 – Bioswales

QUIP-RS 2018 – Rachel Montesano’s and Dr. Molony research on Best Practices in Pediatrics and Geriatrics

C. Zhu and J. Quick – Use of Emotiv headset to Draw using EEG Brain Waves. Software code: Download Software

QUIP-RS 2018 – Natasha Shah

QUIP-RS 2018

QUIP-RS 2018 – S. Kyle – Study of Pollutants in Quinnipiac River

QUIP-RS 2018 – Effect of Phenothiazine on Mummichog Fish from CT Rivers

Study of Social Isolation in Assisted Living Facilities

QUIP-RS Committee (2018/19):
Dr. Dwayne Boucaud (Dwayne.Boucaud@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Alexandre de Lencastre (Alexandre.deLencastre@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Kim DiGiovanni (Kimberly.DiGiovanni@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Katie Place (Katie.Place@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Tilottama Ghosh Chowdhury (Tilottama.GhoshChowdhury@quinnipiac.edu)

By Anna Brogan
Anna Brogan Director of Client Success