QUIP-RS 2019 Symposium

The Quinnipiac University Interdisciplinary Program for Research & Scholarship (QUIP-RS) held its annual symposium  on Wednesday, October 23th in the Buckman Theater (BC150) and Atrium.
All students, faculty, staff and parents welcome. Refreshments and appetizers provided.

QUIP-RS is an immersive, multi-disciplinary undergraduate 8-week summer research and creative program where students work full time with a faculty mentor on a specific research project and meet weekly with other QUIP-RS fellows and faculty to share their findings. Acceptance to the program is competitive and all students receive funds for their research and summer stipend. At the symposium we celebrate their hard work and transformative experiences.

Wednesday, October 23th, 2019
4:00 – 7:00 pm
Buckman Theatre (BC150)

4-5 PM: Keynote Address (Buckman Theater)
5-6:30pm: Poster presentations by QUIP-RS scholars (Buckman Atrium).

QUIP-RS keynote speaker :

Quip-RS 2019 Keynote Address by Giovanni Zinn, City Engineer of New Haven. Photo credit: Connor Lawless

Giovanni Zinn, P.E., the City Engineer for New Haven. — Giovanni discussed the coordination of projects focusing on sustainable and livable infrastructure in New Haven, including complete streets, encouraging alternative transportation options, adopting green infrastructure, designing resilient living shoreline installations, and reducing the City’s carbon footprint through aggressive energy reduction. Prior to leading the Engineering Department, Giovanni also served as a project manager for the City of New Haven’s Engineering Department and Office of Sustainability and managed environmental programs for the City Plan Department. Giovanni graduated from Yale College in 2005, and lives in New Haven with his wife Megan and four children. QU Chronicle News Article

QUIP-RS 2019 Poster Presentations:

Students Major Mentor Project Title
Samantha Sawinki Microbiology Christian Eggers Determining Whether the Bacteriophage φBB-1 can transduce the known virulence associated ospC allele between isolates of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease agent
Ethan Moriarty Mechanical Engineering Jose Riofrio June First Severe Weather Research: Tornadic Inflow Measurement Probe (TIMP). Link: https://www.junefirstweather.com/research
Kaylin Bracey Chemistry Joanna Kinsey Removal of Lead from Water Using Ion Exchange. QU Today Article
Joe Battalia Biology Scott Davies The Factors Affecting the Transition from Dependence to Independence of Tree Swallow Chicks
Jerry Mirra and Guneet Burman Behavioral Neuroscience Adrienne Betz Effects of Prenatal Stress
Destiny Henry Marketing Patricia Norberg Professional Probability in Relation to Sports Brand Sponsorship
Margaret Blume Sociology Lauren Sardi Masculinity Depression and Stigma
Alexa Cherneskie Chemistry James Kirby Cation Effect on the Redox Properties of a Single Atom Bridged Polytungstate
Julianna Shevchenko and Berrak Tekalp Software Engineering  Ruby Elkharboutly & Corey Kiassat Decrease the number of underbillings for inpatients at Hartford Hospital

For more information about the QUIP-RS program, including how to APPLY and for EXAMPLES OF STUDENT RESEARCH FROM PREVIOUS SYMPOSIA, click here

QUIP-RS Committee (2018/19):
Dr. Dwayne Boucaud (Dwayne.Boucaud@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Alexandre de Lencastre (Alexandre.deLencastre@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Kim DiGiovanni (Kimberly.DiGiovanni@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Katie Place (Katie.Place@quinnipiac.edu )
Dr. Tilo G. Chowdhury (Tilottama.GhoshChowdhury@quinnipiac.edu)

By Anna Brogan
Anna Brogan Director of Client Success