Anna Ciacciarella, English and Environmental Studies, ’21 Awarded 2020 Fulbright Canada-Mitacs Globalink

Anna Ciacciarella will be spending the summer completing a research project through the 2020 Fulbright Canada-Mitacs Globalink Program. The Fulbright-MITACS Globalink is for US Students interested in coming to Canada to undertake advanced research projects for 10 to 12 weeks in their area of interest. Projects are drawn from a broad cross-section of research topics covering all academic disciplines and students are placed with a university research project and undertake research projects under the supervision of a professor. Students also take part in professional training as well as extensive opportunity for cultural, social, and recreational experiences.

Anna’s project, “Mapping Food and Anti-Poverty Organizations in Calgary,” aims to identify organizations who connect people with fresh, nutritious, delicious, culturally-appropriate, sustainably-sourced food, and study the intersections and relations food has to other arenas of social wellbeing, particularly adequate housing, in times of increasing social inequality in Canadian cities.

She will be spending the summer working under Dr. Marit Risol and with a small research team at the University of Calgary. A generous stipend through Mitacs will help to cover housing and student fees.

Congratulations, Anna!

By Anna Brogan
Anna Brogan Manager of Client Onboarding