QUIP-RS 2021

The Quinnipiac University Interdisciplinary Program for Research and Scholarship (QUIP-RS) program offered 15 undergraduates the opportunity to conduct funded research with mentors over an 8-week period from May – July, 2021. As an interdisciplinary program, QUIP-RS is open to students from all disciplines at Quinnipiac, from STEM to business and humanities. Projects that students completed this summer include: role of gut microbiota in neuropsychiatric disease, a survey of Pacific Island policy, studies of pollutants in CT river-ways, examination of streaming habits among young adults, and many others (see below for full list). During the program, students presented their progress to the full group as well as participate in social events. Students continued to present their research at a Fall Symposium and beyond Quinnipiac University, winning awards for excellent in research in regional and international meetings!

The goal of QUIP-RS is two-fold, to develop the scholarly, inquiry-based skills of our students, and to do so in an appreciation of interdisciplinary research.

Below you can find student projects, activities and awards for QUIP-RS 2021 student research.

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Student(s) Project Major Mentor(s) School
John Arceta Role of the paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus (PVT) Behavioral Neuroscience Haight CAS
Connor Becerril Investigating PCBs in the Mill River Civil Engineering DiGiovanni, Greenleaf,  McGinnis SOE
Dagmawi  Bogale Understanding the correlation between gut microbiota and neuropsychiatric disorders Biomedical Sciences Eggers SHS
Jessica Brij-Raj Examining Streaming Media Habits Among Young Adults Media Studies & PR Place SOC
Kamryn Carter The function of the miRNA miR-71 on mRNA splicing fidelity and its effects on longevity Biology de Lencastre CAS
Gabriella Colello Pacific Islands Forum & Global Policy Political Science Scauso, Haldane CAS
Sean  Dalton The Glucose Stress Response and Survival in Neonate Birds Biology Davies CAS
Luke Desilva Suburban Neighborhood Water Quality Improvement Test. QU Today Article Civil Engineering Greenleaf, DiGiovanni SOE
Nathan DesRoberts The New Four P’s: A Marketing Research Study International Business Chowdhury SOB
Thomas Gadacy Simulation and Data Analytics of Factors Impacting Quinnipiac Software Engineering Elkharboutly, Zinn, Tokgoz SOE
Gina Greco Learning Shear and Moment Diagrams with Real-Time Feedback Mechanical Engineering Byers SOE
Alexandria Pacrin The Effects of a Second Life Stressor during Peri-Adolescence Behavioral Neuroscience Betz SHS
Taha and Yamna Siddiqui Nitric Oxide Fluxes from Suburban Soils Biomedical Sciences Hansen SHS
Maxwell Stenslie The Role of Pollinator Gardens on Native Pollinator Diversity Biology Lawson CAS


AWARDS and scholarship dissemination:

Since completing the program, these students have presented their QUIP-RS research at local, regional and international meetings and received awards for their work:

  • Gina Greco (Mechanical Engineering) and Lynn Byers (SoCE) – 1st place award (tie) at American Society for Mechanical Engineers International Conference (Nov. 1 – 5, 2021).

  • Taha and Yamna Siddiqui (Health Sciences) and Dr. Robert Hansen (CAS) – Award in Geosciences under the Undergraduate Division Awards at the national conference of the Sigma Xi Annual Meeting (October 30, 2021).
  • Kamryn Carter (Biology) and Dr. Alexandre de Lencastre (CAS) – 1st Best Poster Research Methods, Biological Symposium Meeting, Quinnipiac University, Dec. 2021
  • Gabriella Colello (Political Science), Dr. Scauso and Dr. Haldane – presented at the International Studies Association Conference – Nov. 5, 2021
  • Max Stensile (Biology) and Dr. Sarah Lawson (CAS) – Invited speaker at Hopkins School on his research “Native Bee Plant Preference”, Dec. 3, 2021
  • Connor Becerril (Civil Engineering), Dr. Joanna Kinsey, Dr. Courtney McGinnis, Dr. John Greenleaf and Dr. Kimberly DiGiovanni – Poster accepted to be presented at New England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) annual conference (January 2022).

  • Luke Desilva
    (Civil Engineering), article in QU Today

QUIP-RS is supported by:

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QUIP-RS Committee:
Dr. Alexandre de Lencastre, CAS (Alexandre.deLencastre@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Katie Place, SoC (Katie.Place@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Kim DiGiovanni, SoCE (Kimberly.DiGiovannii@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Tilottama Ghosh Chowdhury, SoB (Tilottama.GhoshChowdhury@quinnipiac.edu)
Dr. Christian Eggers, SHS (Christian.Eggers@quinnipiac.edu)