Turn your student creative writing work into a path into publishing!

If you are interested in getting your work into the larger world of literary publishing, here is some info for you to check out, pass along, and hopefully take advantage of! Some of these are compiled from the UConn Creative Writing Program.

First, here is a comprehensive list of Student Literary Magazines published at colleges around the US and Canada.
Propagule Magazine is brand new, and they are looking for “fiction that is aesthetically novel, experimental, transgressive, and not easily categorized according to traditional literary divisions and genres.” Submit your work, and maybe you can be included in the first issue!
NonBinary Review seeks poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction for its upcoming issues on the themes “Person First in an Identity First World” and “Shared Worlds.”
If you are looking for editorial opportunities, check out this list of 16 lit magazines currently seeking volunteer readers.
And Lit Mag News is another great source for keeping yourself up to date on submission deadlines, new journals, and more!
By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development