Phi Sigma Biological Honors Society Inducts 16 New Members

On April 27, 2022, Quinnipiac University’s Gamma Rho Chapter of The Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honors Society inducted 16 new members. The Phi Sigma Society is the national honor society devoted to the promotion of undergraduate and graduate student research and academic excellence in the biological sciences. The inductees were selected for membership based upon academic major, grade-point average and participation in research. We are happy to introduce our 2022 inductees:

  •  Julia Crosby (mentor: Dr. Magie)
  •  Sean Dalton (mentor: Dr. Davies)
  •  Olivia Dempson (mentor: Dr. Hanlon)
  •  Jassim Dipalermo (mentor: Dr. Mirrione)
  •  Joancy Espinal (mentor: Dr. Hanlon)
  •  Gabrielle Figueroa (mentor: Dr. Hanlon)
  •  Alejandro Holle (mentor: Dr. Kaplan)
  •  Samantha Joseph (mentor: Dr. Davies)
  •  Tiffany Kiako (mentor: Dr. Mirrione)
  •  Callie Lanzel (mentor: Dr. Lawson)
  •  Olivia Magno (mentor: Dr. McGinnis)
  •  Arianna Malick (mentor: Dr. Hanlon)
  •  Madison Murphy (mentor: Dr. Pilotte)
  •  Gabrielle Pena (mentor: Dr. Lawson)
  •  Emma Poirier (mentor: Dr. de Lencastre)
  •  David Russell (mentor: Dr. Pilotte)
By Danielle Pomponi
Danielle Pomponi