The Jackson Laboratory’s Summer Student Program & Open House Sessions

Each summer approximately 40 young scientists ranging from high school seniors to college undergraduates participate in The Jackson Laboratory’s Summer Student Program (SSP).

During this 10-week paid fellowship, students participate in an ongoing research program at JAX with the support of an experienced scientific mentor.  They develop an independent project, implement a research plan co-created with their mentor, analyze the data and report the results.  A wraparound program including professional development, ethics, and science communication workshops enhance the research experience.

There are JAX campuses in Bar Harbor, Maine, and Farmington, Conn.  Jax believe’s that cutting-edge research environment, a diverse student body and the extracurricular opportunities will make for an unforgettable summer.

Check out the Quick Facts page which will answer many student questions about SSP.  They are also holding three virtual Open House sessions for students and faculty interested in learning more about JAX’s Summer Student Program.  You can check out additional information here. 

Session 1: Tuesday, December 13 at 3:00pm EST 

Session 2: Wednesday, January 4 at 7:00pm EST

Session 3: Thursday, January 12 at 10:00am EST

By Courtney McGinnis
Courtney McGinnis Associate Professor of Biology and Academic Coordinator of Experiential Learning, Department of Biological Sciences