Connecticut Public Health Fellowship Program

Connecticut Public Health Fellowship Program

  • What is the CT PHFP?
    • The PHFP provides students experience in the field of public health by supporting
      high-quality field placements in Connecticut, providing them with a $3,500 stipend
      and mentoring in public health agencies. Students gain experience working with a public
      health agency and valuable professional contacts. Public health agencies can work with rising talent
      in the public health field in Connecticut to strengthen the future of our public health workforce.


  • How does it work?
    • Eligible students connect with a public health agency of their choice to create a field placement
      proposal, apply, and once a placement is approved, work with an agency and agency preceptor on
      on-going public health initiatives. Pre-approved placements may also be available for students to
      apply. Fellows will learn about public health careers, strengthen their understanding of social
      determinants of health and health equity, and acquire skills and core competencies in public health.


  • Who is eligible?
    • Public health agencies located in Connecticut may host a fellow, who is a part- or full-time student at
      an accredited college or university in a public health or other relevant program. Students must be 3rd
      or 4th year undergraduate or graduate student in a public health or related program.

Paid stipend available to explore careers with Connecticut public health agencies!

By Molly Zapp
Molly Zapp