Fundamentals of Human Language

ML/IDS/AN 215. Introduction to Language Studies.3 Credits. (Please note that this class does not fulfill the 200-level science requirement for the major, as it is predominantly a social science class.)

Human language involves much more than vocabulary and grammar. It is a dynamic, complex system for conveying meaning via sound, images/text, and gestures. In this interdisciplinary course, students will explore the structural components of language, including sound patterns, word formation, syntax, and semantics, and understand how these phenomena evolve over time. Regional, social, and cultural impact on language development will also be covered. Based on this foundation, students will pursue individual projects on linguistic topics of their choice, such as language acquisition, neurolinguistics, computational linguistics, or forensic linguistics. This course assumes no prior study of linguistics or foreign languages. All reading and discussion will be in English. This course does not fulfill a foreign language requirement.

Offered: As neededUC: Breadth Elective

By Molly Zapp
Molly Zapp