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Our students don’t wait until graduation to start leaving their mark on the world. They direct plays in New York City, publish real scientific research and study major health issues from inside some of the world’s most at-risk regions. They work as analytical chemists, are recognized with awards for their original poetry, and start their own businesses right here on campus. Students have every opportunity to engage their passion thanks to a powerful alumni network, deep internship pool, interdisciplinary projects and volunteer opportunities.

GDD Students Present Work at CT Festival

Professor Jonah Warren organized a team of Game Design & Development students who presented their work last weekend at the Connecticut Festival of Indie and Board Games in Hartford, CT as a part of ConnectiCon. The students exhibiting games included: …

By Danielle Pomponi
Danielle Pomponi Profile Picture
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State Department Internship, Tyler Delehoy, History, Class of 2021

My internship at the State Department focused on supporting congressional advisors in the Bureau of Legislative Affairs. I had a variety of tasks from writing biographies about members of congress, to contacting senators and representatives offices to get questions prior …

By Tyler Delehoy
Tyler Delehoy
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Natasha Shah, Chemistry, Class of 2021

Why did you pick your major?

This is actually a really interesting question: I actually did not enter Quinnipiac as a Chemistry major. I came into the university as an undeclared science major. My passion for science began early in …

By Natasha Shah
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Rachel Reyes, Biology, Class of 2021

Hi! My name is Rachel Reyes and I am a Biology major here at QU. I also minor in Chemistry and Psychology with a Pre-Health Concentration. Currently, I am starting my MBA here at QU as well, on the Health …
By Rachel Reyes
Rachel Reyes
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Amari O’Connor, Theatre//Game Design and Development Double Major, Class of 2024

Why did you pick your major?

          Creativity is a skill I have valued my entire life, so being able to pursue meaningful work in a creative field is exactly what I’m looking for. That said, I had a hard time …

By Amari O'Connor
Amari O'Connor Amari O
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Sarah Annabi, Political Science, Class of 2021

Why did you pick your major?

I initially picked my major as a senior in high school because I thought that Political Science was what someone who wanted to go to law school studied. It was not until after that …

By Sarah Annabi
Sarah Annabi
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Haley Langevin, Mathematics, Class of 2022

Hi everyone! My name is Haley Langevin and I am a math major, Spanish minor, and I am also in the MAT program for secondary education.

Why did you pick your major?

When I first arrived to Quinnipiac freshman year, …

By Haley Langevin
Haley Langevin
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Katie Castell, Behavioral Neuroscience, Class of 2021

I am Katie Castell, a senior behavioral neuroscience major (class of 2021) and I am enrolled in a program to get my MHS in biomedical science at Quinnipiac in 2022.

I chose to be a neuroscience major because it married …

By Kaitlin Castell
Kaitlin Castell
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Quinnipiac Day in the Life: Philosophy Major Filomena Stabile, Class of 2019

Learn more from Filomena about her experience as a philosophy major in this conversation with Dr. Rebecca Bamford!

By CAS360
CAS360 CAS360
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Josh Gorero, Political Science, Class of 2021

Check out this video of Josh Gorero’s experiential learning trip to the New Hampshire Primary!

By CAS360
CAS360 CAS360
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