Career Exploration Resources

Not sure what career is for you? Let’s explore.

It’s okay if you aren’t sure what you want to do as a career, or even if you aren’t sure what major you want to select! Be sure to speak with your academic advisor, other QU faculty, and the director of Career Development about major and career options.

Start with some research of your own:

  • Consider your personal values, interests, and goals. What is important to you? As you examine career options keep these in mind to make sure you are considering careers that will be fulfilling.
  • Below you will find a number of specific resources you can use to explore different career paths and majors to better understand the connection between your academic choices and your career options. Check out our “What Can I Do With this Major?” website to begin examining connections between majors and careers. Consider using “” as a way to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to pursue potential careers of interest. Check out interests roadmap tool on RoadTrip Nation to get an idea of where some successful people who shared your same interests ended up and how they got there.
  • Talk to people you know about what they do for a living (informational interviewing). Friends and family are a valuable resource! Ask your peers about their career plans and reflect on what is important to you in a career.
  • Examine what others who came before you have done. Check out our alumni and student spotlights. You can also check out QU on LinkedIn to see where our other students are today and how they got there!
  • Consult the pros! Check out the advice and resources available through professional associations in your field(s) of interest.