21st Century Skills

All CAS students will complete work inside and outside of the classroom to develop a set of 21st century skills – the skills employers have identified as the most valuable now and in the face of an uncertain future workplace.

Marek has taken advantage of the many travel opportunities Quinnipiac offers by traveling to Nicaragua to teach elementary school classes.

Every time Sarah Marek ‘19 takes a pulse or takes a moment to comfort a patient, she moves a step closer to enrolling in a physician assistant program. As a patient care associate at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Marek is working hard to log the 500 to 2,000 paid clinical hours typically required before someone can apply for a PA program.

As double major in biology and chemistry, Marek was a regular in the lab and took advantage of multiple research opportunities. Chief among these was the eight-week QUIP-RS program, where she worked alongside biology professor Courtney McGinnis assessing the health of two Connecticut rivers and the effects of contaminated water on fish.

Marek likens working with concerned patients to helping overwhelmed students grasp difficult subject matter. She helped her classmates as an organic chemistry peer fellow, and later as a peer facilitator for QSTEP, a program designed to enhance retention for students in STEM fields. She also taught science to elementary school students in Leon, Nicaragua, during a STEM/Global Solidarity trip in 2017.


How will you develop your 21st Century Skills?



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