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There ARE great jobs out there…if you know how to find them, and how to transform yourself into the candidate they can’t pass up!

The amount of change happening right now in the workforce is both rapid and impossible to predict. There will be positives and negatives. Some of the plans you may have had pre-pandemic may no longer be an option. At the same time, companies and industries have adapted to current circumstance and new roles might have been created that open opportunity for you. More remote work is available, perhaps opening the opportunity to start a job somewhere far away and make sure it is a good fit BEFORE you move to a new city. You are preparing to graduate into a world that is very much in flux. Be patient. Be strategic. Be persistent.

As vaccines are rolling out and the economy is opening back up, the employment market is looking up! A recent survey of employers who hire entry-level candidates from colleges and universities suggests we will see an increase in hiring of about 7% for the Class of 2021! There will be jobs out there if you are prepared!

How To Put Your Best Foot Forward During A Video Interview

video interview

As the quality and reliability of affordable video conferencing software and hardware increases by the day, video interviews have become commonplace for candidates and recruiting companies alike.

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken something that was viewed as more niche and …

By WayUp Team - WayUp
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Why You Need A Personal Advisory Board

Personal Advisory Board

What is a Personal Advisory Board? It’s a diverse group of people that you assemble to provide advice and guidance.

When you are confronted with big decisions like choosing a major, thinking about a particular career option, trying to figure …

By CAS360
CAS360 CAS360
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Think Like A Recruiter To Prepare For Your Next Interview

interview employer

One of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to think like a recruiter. Not sure how to do this? One great way is to read what THEY read. For every article you Google seeking advice on how …

By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development Rick DelVecchio
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Pro Tips for Networking Remotely Right Now (Because Meeting Up for Coffee Isn’t an Option)


Just because we can’t meet up with people as easily in person doesn’t mean we can’t make meaningful connections! In fact, since almost all networking has to happen virtually even if your contact is local, that means that everyone is …

By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development Rick DelVecchio
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Have you ever considered a micro-internship?

parker dewey

Quinnipiac University has launched an opportunity for students and recent grads to provide immediate help on professional tasks. Learn how you can gain valuable experience, while helping companies get work done.

Your time in the College of Arts & Sciences …

By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development Rick DelVecchio
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