We have faculty experts that specialize in wide variety of approaches to the study of history, and which cover a wide range of time periods and geographical regions. We have expertise in early modern European history, in the history of the Indian subcontinent and the British Empire, in the history of slavery in the Atlantic world, in recent U.S. history, in the history of science and medicine, in modern Irish history, and in environmental and public history. We also have thematic specializations in women’s history, the history of religion, in motherhood and childrearing, in maritime history, and in the history of famine.

Our curriculum takes students around the world and across time. After completing foundational work in U.S. history, European history, and world history, students pursue electives and thematic courses based on their own interests. As juniors, all of our students take a seminar in “Historiography and Historical Methods” in which they develop their understanding of the major interpretive schools and modern trends in history and also develop their research skills in preparation for their senior thesis project. The culmination of the history curriculum is our senior thesis, in which students define a research topic and engage in research in primary sources and even archival materials and develop their own signature historical interpretations in the form of a often publishable research paper.

We invite you to explore these pages to learn more about our academic programs, courses, opportunities for experiential learning, and faculty.