The Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies’ Education/MAT program is a signature program of the College of Arts and Sciences at Quinnipiac University.

At this time, the education studies concentration of the Interdisciplinary Studies major, designed for students pursuing the elementary education track leading to the master of arts in teaching (MAT), is the only concentration available. Students wishing to pursue interdisciplinary studies with a different focus should consider designing an independent major.

  • Major & Minor Requirements
  • Research & Experiential Learning
    During your junior and senior years, you will spend 20 hours each semester doing a field study in a public school classroom with an experienced teacher. On campus, you will begin to take more specialized education courses. You’ll automatically transition to graduate school after you earn your bachelor‘s degree, and your final year will be spent interning at a local elementary school full time, under the supervision of an on-site mentor and a School of Education faculty member.
  • Explore Your Future

    While classroom teaching is a very common path the education industry has opportunities well beyond the classroom. Whether you are looking at roles in academic administration, roles in instructional design in a corporate environment, roles as a professional trainer, or in curriculum design for an edtech startup, you can take a career in education in a number of interesting directions!

    Check out our Education Careers community for some additional ideas!



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