Environmental Studies

Explore all the opportunities to pursue environmental studies in the College of Arts & Sciences!

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers three options for students interested in environmental studies:

BS in Environmental Science 

BA in Sustainability & Environmental Policy

BA in Environmental Studies Co-major

Here are some of the courses you might consider as electives if you are a major in an environmental studies program or if you just want to learn more about the environment to meet your own individual intellectual, academic, and professional goals.

Questions? Contact Sean Duffy, Interim Executive Director, Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies

Course Categories

    • Economics, Policy, and Law

      • EC 304 Environmental Economics
      • LE 300 Wildlife Law
      • LE 317/PO 317 International Law
      • LE 318 Human Rights Law and Global Justice
      • LE 319 International Law and the Individual
      • LE 329 European Union Law
      • LE 309 Advanced Legal Writing and Advocacy
      • LE-356 International Environmental Law
      • LE-355 Environmental Law
      • LE 370 Negotiation
      • PO 206 Ethics and Public Policy
      • PO 209 Environmental Politics and Policy
      • PO 215 Political Theory
      • PO 219 Women and Political Thought
      • PO 225 American Political Movements
      • PO 245 International Political Economy
      • PO 315 Democratic Theory and Practice
    • Environmental Justice and Human Rights

      • AN 220 Sustainable Development/ Anthropology of Development
      • PL 337 Human Rights: Theory and Practice
      • SO 241 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
      • SO 266 Population and Society
    • Environment and Literature

      • EN 213 The Nature Essay
      • EN 230 Carbon Tales
    • Environmental Studies

      • ENV 101 Intro to Environmental Studies
      • ENV 201: Lessons in Local and Global Sustainability
    • Ethics

      • PL 102 Intro to Ethics
      • PL 226 Environmental Ethics
    • History and Human Culture

      • AN 243 Ancient Food for Thought
      • HS 122 World History
      • HS 220 American Environmental History
      • HS 230 The Rise of Modern Science
      • HS 282 Global Environmental History
      • HS340 The Colonial Period to 1763
    • Science: Human Health, Development, and Society

      • N 104/L Biological Anthropology
      • AN 272 Sh*t Happens: A Natural History of Human Waste
      • BIO 106/106L Science and Society: Concepts and Current Issues
      • BIO 152/152L Ecological and Biological Diversity
      • BIO161 Intro to the Biological Aspects of Science and Society
      • BMS-162 Human Health and Disease
      • HSC-320 Environment/Human Health
    • Science: Ecology, Geology, Plants, and Animals

      • SCI102/L Earth Science
      • BIO 152/152L Ecological and Biological Diversity
      • BIO 352/352:L Botany
      • BIO 356/356LL Aquatic Ecology
      • BIO 358/358L: Life on a Changing Planet
      • HS 349 American Maritime History

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