Exploring CAS

Our unique program for students who are still exploring their options for a major provides them with the opportunity for guided exploration and reflection that sets them on the course for success!

Your early years at Quinnipiac are a time for exploration! Beginning with a required class designed around guided exploration, and supported by numerous additional resources and highly trained staff, exploring students receive focused, individualized attention from their first day on campus.

Some students worry they are alone in not knowing what they want to choose as a major.  Actually, more incoming freshmen join the Exploring CAS program each fall than any other single College of Arts and Sciences major.  And many students who do begin their first year with a declared major end up changing it later, sometimes multiple times.  It is very common to be unsure what you want to focus on at first, so the Exploring CAS program provides a perfect platform to begin exploring your values and interests while simultaneously completing general education requirements you’ll need regardless of which major you eventually choose.

The Exploring CAS Program encourages students to be very intentional in how they explore.  Even without a declared major, it is important to begin your university studies with a plan in mind – how will you explore your interests?  What steps will you take to determine a major?  How will you explore what you want to do after graduation?  How will you find out who to speak with to discuss possibilities?  When do you plan to declare a major?  The program is designed to help you pursue answers to these questions, but ultimately your exploration and decisions are up to you.  A strong personal plan of how you intend to approach your exploration and ultimate decision on a major and beyond is essential to your academic and professional satisfaction and success.

To start, take some time to understand how our process works. We’ve built our 360 Advising Process based on the idea that every experience you have can have an impact on your academic journey and your career. The process of exploration, implementation, and reflection is central to the idea of 360 advising. Each experience becomes a point of learning that helps you evaluate your development as a student and as a person; helps you understand your values, interests and goals; and helps you make informed choices about your academic and career options during your time here and beyond. Check out our 360 Navigator for some tips on how to get started with this process during your first and second years.




Scholarship opportunity for graduate students for 2022/2023 KF Tuition Scholarships

Kosciuszko Foundation Tuition Scholarships to support American students of Polish descent for graduate level studies at colleges and universities in the United States.  Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $7,000 are awarded on a competitive basis for one academic year. Funding …

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Montage Winter Issue: Call for Submissions!

Montage Literary and Art Journal is now open for our Winter Journal Submissions! We are accepting anything artsy such as poetry, prose, plays, graphic designs and photography (see the flyer for more). This winter journal is more first-come, first-served due …

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New UC Science Course- Spring 2022


ENV 120/L- Exploring Your Environment


MWF 10-10:50am, Lab TH 9:10-10:50am

UC Natural Science, 4 Credit hours

A one-semester introductory science course focusing on basic concepts of biology and chemistry applied to understanding the environment. …

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The 2022 Mellon-sponsored CTW Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Arts and Humanities conference

The 2022 Mellon-sponsored CTW Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Arts and Humanities conference facilitates the development and sharing of undergraduate research produced by students (supervised by a faculty mentor) from institutions across the state, and to foster collaborative connections among …

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Applications are now open for the 2022 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship

Applications are now open for the 2022 Frederick Douglass Global Fellowship, which will again take place in Ireland and be cosponsored by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs to continue the legacy project created to honor the 175th anniversary of the …

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360 Senior Success Center
Bobcat Connect

Bobcat Connect is an easy-to-use platform for informal mentorship, networking and career support — designed exclusively for Quinnipiac students and alumni …

Career Decision Making

Deciding on a career path, or even just the first step in considering a career, can be confusing and intimidating. …

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Cover Letter Writing Guide

A well-written cover letter can often be the difference between getting an interview and getting a rejection letter. You should send …


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CAR 295 - Internship for Credit

The CAR295: CAREER PRACTICUM course, which gives course credit for internships.


IDEAL Courses

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a number of courses that focus on people in societies who have been …

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers 21 majors and 31 minors organized into 13 departments. Click the button below to …

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