Hispanic and Latin American Studies

As students acquire a knowledge and understanding of a language and culture, they develop critical skills to evaluate and analyze texts from both past and present, from the literary to contemporary media, within their social, political and historical contexts. Integrating these studies into a liberal arts CAS education, students develop a broader appreciation for not only global cultures, but also a deeper understanding of their own culture in its complexity and diversity.

Employers in today’s global market value graduates who can speak languages other than English; these graduates will have a competitive edge in the 21st-century workplace for their linguistic, analytical, and intercultural competencies.


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  • Major & Minor Requirements
  • CAS Language Requirement & Placement Test
  • Research & Experiential Learning

    Through our partnership with the Department of Global and Cultural Engagement, the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers study abroad opportunities and virtual classes on the international stage. You can consider courses such as “Exploring Global Engagement through Language”. Most of the students in this virtual course attend Alianza Americana in León, Nicaragua, and are part of an international dual enrollment program with Quinnipiac. Check out all the possibilities!

    Faculty-led trips abroad are another great way to apply your learning and better understand different cultures. Popular faculty-led trips include Florence, Italy, led by Professor Filippo Naitana and to Japan with Prof. Mizuho Aussicker where students visited the old capital, Kyoto, with its fascinating temples and shrines, the historically significant city of Hiroshima to learn about peace, and the current capital, Tokyo.

  • Explore Your Future

    Graduates with strong language and intercultural competencies have an advantage in almost any industry. Start by checking out “What Can I Do With This Major?” as a way to explore the options you may want to consider.

    While many of our graduates pursue advanced education to pursue careers in education, you may find your skills highly sought after in many business functions, human resources, marketing and communications, government, non-profits, publishing, and more! Explore our industry communities to get see some of your many options!

    Students who are bilingual can work in many fields….





    Intelligence/Law Enforcement




    Public Relations



    Customer Service


    Health Care




    Travel and Tourism


    Educational Administration

    Social Work




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