Independent Major and Minor

The College of Arts and Sciences offers self-motivated students whose interests are not adequately met by an existing major or minor the opportunity to design a unique major or minor to fit their personal, academic, and professional goals. Since independent majors and minors are typically interdisciplinary, students work with faculty advisers from various departments to design their major or minor, plan their course of study, and to seek out and develop opportunities for experiential learning.

Because the program is student-designed, the responsibility for planning such a program rests with the student. A proposal for an independent major or minor must contain suitable justification, a coherent curricular plan and an appropriate title. The proposal must follow the guidelines accessible via the links below, and be submitted to the Director of the Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies for approval.

Independent Major and Independent Minor proposals will be accepted before March 1 for review in the spring semester, and before October 15 for review in the fall semester.

  • Major & Minor Requirements
    This will vary by student. Check out the framework



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