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  • Research & Experiential Learning
    There are a number of opportunities for research in Mathematics! Check out some of your options here and think about additional opportunities for post-graduate research opportunities.
  • Explore Your Future

    A mathematics degree demonstrates to employers that you have strong quantitative skills, can problem-solve, and can think critically. Graduates with strong skills in mathematics and analytics go on to a wide variety of careers! Check out “What Can I Do With This Major?” to get a general sense of the paths you might take.

    Many students go on to graduate school and careers in education at all levels, but here are just a few examples of what our graduates have gone on to do outside education:
    -Quantitative Analyst at Pittsburg Pirates
    -Investment Analyst at Databank Financial Services
    -Digital Advertising at New York Times
    -Research Associate at Touchstone Research
    -Associate at Morgan Stanley
    -HR Solutions Specialist at Dell Technologies

    Explore our industry communities to see what might interest you! Graduates with a math or data science background might find opportunities of interest in any industry, but a good starting point might be Business, Computing & Technology, Education, and Government & Public Administration.

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