Philosophy has influenced all facets of society from law, science, medicine and government, to art, media, technology and religion. While exploring that rich and diverse history, you learn to think critically and ethically, craft a well-reasoned argument and communicate effectively—all skills that are highly valued by employers and graduate programs.

You learn about logic, ethics and diverse philosophies and you examine great problems of society and ongoing inquiry and how we might solve them. The research and analytical skills you develop prepare you to pursue a career as a lawyer, business leader, elected official, policy analyst, educator and much more.

Studying philosophy trains minds to be logical and versatile, which is why philosophy majors are so successful in the professional world. Of all the humanities, philosophy majors are the highest earners and they outperform almost every other major on the LSAT, GRE and GMAT.

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  • Major & Minor Requirements
  • Research & Experiential Learning
    Students also complete a research experience, to further refine critical thinking, communication and research skills.
  • Explore Your Future

    Philosophy majors develop a broad skillset with strengths in logic, research, critical thinking and ethics which opens doors to a variety of careers! Start by checking out our “What Can I Do With This Major?” tool to explore some of the options.

    You will be well prepared for careers in government and policy, business, education, communications, and more. Explore all of our industry communities to find your niche.



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