Pre-Health Advising

When it’s time to begin looking at medical schools or to pursue a professional degree in fields such as dentistry, pharmacy, PA, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, podiatry or optometry, you’ll be ready. As a pre-health student, you’ll receive expert guidance from our dedicated director of pre-health advising, Ms. Anna Gilmore, who provides a wide variety of programming and one-on-one advisement to help you to identify and pursue clinical exposure, research and volunteer experiences. In the increasingly competitive world of medical school admissions, strategically working with a pre-health advisor is critical to your success.

Ms. Gilmore, Director of Pre-Health Advising, provides one-on-one advising to current undergraduate students and recent alumni (within three years of completion of undergraduate degree) who are considering, preparing to apply, or actively applying to doctoral degrees in medicine and healthcare as follows: 

  • MD (Allopathic Medicine) 
  • DO (Osteopathic Medicine) 
  • DDS or DMD (Dentistry) 
  • OD (Optometry) 
  • PharmD (Pharmacy) 
  • DPM (Podiatric Medicine) 
  • DVM (Veterinary Medicine) 
  • AuD (Audiology) 
  • DPT (Physical Therapy) 
  • ND (Naturopathic Medicine) 
  • CD (Chiropractic Medicine) 

One-on-one pre-health advising includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Assessment of readiness (experientially and academically) 
  • Evaluation of rightness of fit based on health experience, work values, and interests 
  • Education on professional school expectations and requirements 
  • Coaching on application strategy, timing, professionalism, and networking 
  • Essay critique – primary application essay for active applicants (see policy below) 
  • Mock interviews for active applicants (see policy below) 
  • School/program selection 


Interested in healthcare but not sure where to start? Go to to research a wide array of fields and career paths. Follow the links to educational associations for areas of interest to take advantage of student resources.

Pre-Medical Resources

Pre-Med FAQ’s for QU undergrad and prospective students

AAMC Website (pre-med resources from deciding on medicine to navigating the application process)

Pre-Med Navigator (subscribe to this free AAMC monthly publication)

Anatomy of an Applicant (discover what it really takes to go to medical school beyond GPA and MCAT)

Aspiring Docs (inspiring stories and fact sheets for pre-meds)

Recommended Pre-Health Books, Videos, and Podcasts

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Meet With An Advisor – CAS Advising Commons!

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Come visit us! The CAS Advising Commons (CAS1-209) is open for in-person drop-in visits!

Our hours are Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, though some weeks will vary. Check this site for current hours.


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Pre-Health Events and Opportunities, 4/4/2019


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