Studying abroad is exciting and rewarding, but it takes careful preparation to ensure you get the most out of your experience and that it is aligned with your academic goals.

If you are considering studying abroad in the future:

If you have decided to apply to study abroad for the next semester:

  • Attend a mandatory DCGE study abroad information session in the first two weeks of the semester prior to the semester you plan to study abroad (this is mandatory even if you attended a session in the past)
  • As you research programs, keep in mind whether you have to take any of the following while you are abroad:
    • A foreign language course (some programs abroad require it)
    • A course in your major or minor
    • A course to fulfill a UC or CAS requirement
  • Submit application materials and meet all deadlines communicated through the DCGE

If you have been formally admitted to a study abroad program through the DCGE:

Congratulations!  After your acceptance, there are still additional steps to take and deadlines to meet.  One of your next steps is to begin deciding what courses you’ll take at your international institution.  CAS students must submit both a plan of study form and a listing of courses they may take abroad no later than APRIL 1ST.  YOU CAN ACCESS THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO SUBMIT THESE MATERIALS HERE.