QUIP-RS is a summer research program that enables you to work side-by-side with a faculty mentor for eight weeks during the summer, and pays you a $4000 stipend (plus up to $1000 in research materials). It is open to all current freshmen, sophomores and juniors, in all schools, and is an interdisciplinary research group of 10-15 students and their mentors. We work hard exploring our individual research projects, but do so in a supportive, socially active network that is fun as well.

So, if you have a research idea, or are intrigued by research of one your professors, seriously consider diving into this exciting and rewarding program.

To find out more, or to get an application, please contact one of the QUIP-RS coordinators. The program typically runs from mid-May into mid-July (8 weeks).

Applications for QUIP-RS 2020 are due mid-spring and requires the written support of a mentor. (click below to get started).

APPLY HERE -> Application Form to QUIP-RS (deadline: March 27th, 2020). (new deadline: April 10th, 2020)