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Freelance work has been on the rise over the last decade and one recent study suggests that in the next decade the majority of the workforce may be freelance. Arts & Sciences students might pursue freelance work as a full-time career, as a way to gain experience before graduate school, between jobs as their career advances, or as a side project to supplement a traditional job. Whether you are doing some quick online project work in game design, or setting up a full-time private practice as a psychologist, freelance/small business ownership might be in your future.

That recent study, conducted by Edelman Intelligence, defines the various forms of freelancing as:

“Independent Contractors (35% of the independent workforce / 19.1 million professionals) – These “traditional” freelancers don’t have an employer and instead do freelance, temporary, or supplemental work on a project-to-project basis.

Diversifed Workers (28% / 15.2 million)- People with multiple sources of income from a mix of traditional employers and freelance work. For example, someone who works the front desk at a dentist’s offce 20 hours a week and fills out the rest of his income driving for Uber and doing freelance writing.

Moonlighters (25% / 13.5 million) – Professionals with a primary, traditional job who also moonlight doing freelance work. For example, a corporate-employed web developer who does projects for nonprofts in the evening.

Freelance Business Owners (7% / 3.6 million) – These freelancers have one or more employees and consider themselves both a freelancer and a business owner. For example, a social marketing guru who hires a team of other social marketers to build a small agency, but still identifes as a freelancer.

Temporary Workers (7% / 3.6 million) – Individuals with a single employer, client, job, or contract project where their employment status is temporary. For example, a data entry worker employed by a staffng agency and working on a three-month assignment.

Note: Due to rounding, percentages add up to more than 100%.”

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