Fall 2020 CAS capstone courses

Students majoring in chemistrygame design & developmentinterdisciplinary studies, psychology, sociology, and law in society will complete an approved integrative capstone as part of their major requirements and do not need to take CAS 420, but they will need to take an additional UC elective course.  All other CAS students must take CAS 420 to complete their capstone requirement, although any student with a double-major should consult with their advisor.  Note CAS students cannot use QU 420 to complete their capstone requirement.


CAS 420 02: Poisons, Poisons Everywhere – The Art, History, Literature, and Science of Poisons

Toxicology is a science that focuses on the harmful effects that biological, chemical and physical poisons have on people, other …
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CAS 420 01: Cracking the Code of Life – Exploring the Human Genome

In this course, students will learn to use bioinformatics tools and apply them in a project-based approach to explore the …
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CAS 420 04: Poker – Theory, Practice, and Culture

The class examines poker (particularly but not exclusively Texas Hold’em) from an interdisciplinary point of view. The course will apply insights from …
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CAS 420 03: Creativity, Innovation, and Play

Students reflect on the interconnected topics of play, creativity, and innovation. From that foundation, they reflect on modeling and prototyping …
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