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CJ 360: Who We Are: Examining Status in America

Professor: Steve McGuinn
Credits: 3
The “Inside-Out” Prison Exchange program is part of a national movement giving undergraduate students (outside students) and prisoners (inside students) an opportunity to learn together.  This course – being offered to outside students at Quinnipiac and male inside students at a maximum security prison in Connecticut – asks students to examine the impact of status upon American life by considering issues of personal and collective voice in communities, variation in access to conventional success opportunities, and the effect of status upon ability to effectively engage in local and national communities.  It is a chance for all students to gain deeper understanding of community membership from multiple perspectives, and how it is impacted by social status.  Through application of theoretical perspectives and consideration of practical experience students are exposed to a diversity of material that allows them to more fully examine and understand the complex impact of social status upon American life.
This course takes place inside a Connecticut State Prison; class meets once a week for three hours within the secure detention facility. The class runs for the entire semester and satisfies three (3) elective credits for Criminal Justice majors or for non-majors (just like any other course). The class meets Wednesday mornings from 8 – 11 am. Transportation from QU will be provided and will be leaving campus at 7.00 am.
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