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Cluster Course: History 122 (Modern World History) & Anthropology 101 (Local Cultures, Global Issues)

This cluster class is a unique experience for students to create a learning community with their peers, engage in hands-on experiential learning activities, and take two of their University Curriculum courses in the first semester of the first year. In the course students work with each other and a peer fellow (Farah Alfaraj ’24, history major, anthropology minor) to make the connections between the two courses, and learn how to apply the material to their other courses and areas of interest in their prospective majors. In the past the cluster has hosted a poster session for students to display student learning from the semester, and has taken field trips to visit the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. For more information, see the story in Quinnipiac Today.

Note: this course is open to first-year students only. First-year students interested in this course should register for HS*122*01. 


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