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EN351: Rhetoric in Everyday Life

The study of Rhetoric is—arguably–more important right now than when it first emerged 3,000 years ago. From the ancient Greek, eiro (“to say”), Rhetoric is the study of what, how, and even why humans say what they mean and mean what they say.  Long before literary study or more loosely, “English”, Rhetoric has prepared humans to understand best (and worst) arguments ahead of choosing best courses of action through political, religious, ethical, social, (even emotional) issues and conflicts.  The course introduces all students, regardless of major, to lasting rhetorical principles and methods of persuasive, evidence-strong communication in speaking and writing. Multi-modal, this course offers challenging readings, viewings, speeches, and debates in cross-disciplinary approaches—from law, science, business, literature—and from everyday life.

Prerequisites: Take one 200-level English course.

Offered: Every Other Fall.