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GDD175: Games For All

Games For All is a course open to all students (no prerequisites) who are curious about making their own games. It’s also an opportunity for more experienced game developers to consider games from other perspectives. Students will be asked to exercise their creativity by making a number of small games using freely available software. For more information, contact Professor Jonah Warren at

Course Description

There is a common misconception that making digital games requires complex software, large teams, and advanced technical skills. While this may be true for creating large-scale console games, there is a growing community of game makers using small, freely available tools to create short, impactful experiences. These tools use constraints to simplify the game development process, requiring creators to consider game making from a specific point-of-view (e.g., storytelling, world-building, problem solving). This class uses these tools as entry points for students to explore and discuss different perspectives on game creation, enabling a natural marriage of theory to practice.