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PO 200- Special Topics – Advocacy and Activism 

Notice about special online Poli Sci course this spring – PO 200- Special Topics – Advocacy and Activism 

Intensive 7-week course (3/20- 5/6) but still counts for 3 credits 

This is an online course, but there will be an optional discussion session that can be attended in person or via Zoom. 


PO 200-DA Advocacy and Activism (2nd part of Spring Semester) 

Professor Jonathan Pelto 

Advocacy and Activism are having a profound impact on American Government, as well as in politics, the non-profit arena, and the business world. An understanding and experience in the art and science of lobbying, strategic communications, and the mobilization of targeted audiences is a vital skill for those seeking internships and jobs. This online course on Advocacy and Activism aims to provide students with an academic understanding and the practical skills required to be proficient in educating, persuading, and mobilizing targeted audiences. The course will introduce students to the world of direct and indirect lobbying, focusing on developing the expertise and the research, writing, and communication skills needed to become effective advocates.