Political Science

PO 365 – Inside Washington D.C. (3 credits)

Instructor: Scott McLean
Credits: 3

In this intensive, two-week seminar in Washington, D.C., students interact with well-known speakers from government, the media and academia to discuss the current major issues confronting Congress and the President. In the second week, students confront dilemmas regarding how the media covers national politics and policy. Students participate in daily site visits, tours and special events. They engage with topics such as the impact of national elections, the nature of conflict and bargaining in political institutions, foreign policy dilemmas, the gatekeeper function of the media, “spin” and media control, media bias and the rise of new media. Eight-hour days are the minimum expectation during the two-week program. Students must apply for the course through the QU in DC program and meet university academic achievement and behavioral standards to be admitted to the seminar.