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WS/CJ/SO/AN 200-4, Special Topics: Rape Crisis Victim Advocacy (3 credits)

Important Notice: Please be advised that the person reviewing all applications for this course is a responsible employee under our Title IX policies and will be required to notify the Title IX office about any allegations of sexual misconduct.

Additionally, if you feel you need to reach out for support or for a friend, please contact our Title IX Coordinator, Catlin Wells, at or (203) 582-7327 Quinnipiac’s Title IX policy can be accessed here.

Description- Fall 2020​

WS/CJ/SO/AN 200-4                                    

Special Topics: Rape Crisis Victim Advocacy (3 credits)

This class prepares students to be peer educators on sexual assault, and the hours spent in class may be counted towards state certification for rape crisis victim advocacy. The class is centered on the victim’s perspective on sexual assault and sexual abuse, as well as educating others about helping rape survivors. The course will cover basic information about sexual violence and rape myths, the protocol for reporting rape in different venues (e.g., on campus, police, hospital, rape crisis center), policies on sexual assault, and methods for assisting survivors. The class is recommended for those students interested in becoming rape crisis victim advocates and/or providing peer education about sexual assault on campus. As such, the course does require attendance in class, as well as out-of-class assignments, including an on-call component that could require students to respond to hospital calls to support victims who are receiving the rape kit examination.

Additional requirements post completion of course:

Students who complete the certification program will be eligible to volunteer on campus under the supervision of the Rape Crisis Center in Meriden. Certified victim advocates are expected to be available for on campus volunteer work during the two semesters following the class.

Instructors:                Lori K. Sudderth, Criminal Justice Program and Jennifer Sirois, Women & Families Center

Day & Time:              Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:45


Special instructions: Entrance into the course is by admission only. Students must email Lauren Sardi, Director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Program, at, to express interest in the course. Students will be interviewed by Women & Families Center staff to determine admission to the class.​