College of Arts & Sciences Student Research and Experiential Learning Grants

 Instructions for Application College of Arts & Sciences Student Research and Experiential Learning Grants 


This grant-in-aid program provides research and travel support for undergraduates majoring in the College of Arts and Sciences and graduate students in the Master’s program in Molecular and Cell Biology. 

Activities which can be funded under this program include: 

1) Research with QU faculty members as part of an independent research course, thesis or similar credit-bearing course 

2) Travel for the purposes of gaining academic experience in the United States or abroad (with the exception of semester-long study abroad). 

3) Travel for the purposes of presenting papers, posters and/or creative works at conferences. 

Students may apply for an annual (academic year) maximum of $750 to support: 
• materials and equipment 
• participant incentives for human subjects research 
• travel to museums or archives (or similar) for the purposes of conducting scholarly or creative work 
• travel to conferences for the purposes of presenting research, art or similar, provided that the work was completed at QU with a faculty mentor. 
• Travel for some other Quinnipiac sanctioned academic experience. 
• Travel abroad on a faculty-led course; 

NOTE: This fund will not support students studying abroad for an entire semester. 

• The maximum grant per academic year is $750. 
• Preference will be given to students who have not been awarded funds in a previous academic year, and to students who are not receiving similar aid from some other Quinnipiac source. 
• Awards are limited to one award per student per academic year 
• Awards for travel will require documentation (abstract or presentation acceptance letter) 
• Quinnipiac policy requires that 
• Award applications may be submitted at any time, but funding is limited. Some funds will be reserved for spring semester requests. 


Complete the Application and also the accompanying Application Budget spreadsheet (Excel file). Provide all details including costs of travel and equipment, dues, registration fees, material items, consumables. Anything you need to finance to do your project. If the total amount of your request is greater than $750 you are welcome to include items that cost more than this amount. This grant program will provide a maximum of $750 per student. 

A. When requesting funds to purchase things: 

1) Attach a quote from the vendor or 

2) Provide specifics about the source, the part number and phone or website link. 

** If the order involves hazardous chemicals, please clearly indicate this on the quote or top of the Excel spreadsheet. 

B. When requesting funds for travel and or conferences 

1) Attach a copy of the documentation that verifies your accepted presentation at a meeting or conference 

2) Obtain estimated costs for travel (airfare, hotel, car travel, conference registration fees, meals) and list these under the “Support Requested” section above. For meals, a maximum of $30 per day will be covered. Parking will be reimbursed at the minimum rate for that location. 

Keep all receipts during your travel; reimbursement may not be possible without original receipts. 

To apply, please complete BOTH forms below and submit to Associate Dean Diane Stock by email