​Defining Decolonization: Open Conversation with All Members of the Campus Community

Defining Decolonization

October 18, 5-7 pm

Student Center Piazza

Mt Carmel Campus


Colonialism is not just an historical event. It continues today, often through our behavior, thoughts, institutions, and asymmetrical relations of power. For instance, the idea of “property” has colonialist origins. While some colonialist practices have negatively impacted everyone—the extraction of natural resources has significantly contributed to climate change—Indigenous populations have suffered the biggest burden.

We often hear calls to ‘decolonize our minds’ or ‘decolonize our syllabi.’

But what does this mean?

How does decolonization restore justice for Indigenous communities?

How do we undo generations of practices and systems considered colonialist?


We invite you to an open discussion about decolonization from diverse perspectives.  Please join us for a democratic conversation that can help us not just understand discourses of Indigeneity and decolonization, but also help us consider new practices in and out of the classroom.

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